The People We Serve


Who Are The Homeless?

There are many people who have common misconceptions of who the poor and homeless are. However, often the homeless are simply ordinary people, much like you and me who have fallen upon extraordinarily hard times.

Among the many homeless on the streets of Cincinnati you may find:

  • The unemployed worker who came here with family, exhausted their savings, and must now live out of their car.
  • The displaced homemaker who is trying to rebuild her life, but cannot get off the street.
  • The high school dropout with a few or no labor skills who is trying to eke out a living day to day.
  • The newly released from prison, looking for a new beginning, but having very few resources. 
  • The separated wife and mother who has used up her time at the shelters.
  • The ex-patient from a mental health facility, who cannot manage on his or her meager income.
  • The men, women and teenagers who have become alcohol abusers and have adopted a street lifestyle.
  • Senior citizens (usually long time inner-city residents) who have been displaced by new building development or building condemnation.
  • The veteran who upon discharge from military service cannot significantly re-adjust to civilian society.

Mary Magdalen House serves all these people without hesitation or reservations of any manner or discrimination. Our mission is to serve the poor regardless of circumstance.