The People We Serve


Who Are The Homeless?

There are many people who have common misconceptions of who the poor and homeless are. However, often the homeless are simply ordinary people, much like you and me who have fallen upon extraordinarily hard times.

Among the many homeless on the streets of Cincinnati you may find:

  • The mentally disabled young man who has found life on the streets to be preferable to living in a group home.
  • The widower who suffered a breakdown after losing his wife several years ago, and found himself unable to live on his own.
  • The divorced mother of three who turned to drugs after being separated from her family.
  • The high school dropout with a mental illness and few skills, who can find and maintain employment only sporadically. 
  • The separated wife and mother who has used up her time at the shelters.
  • The young adults, both male and female, who left home as teenagers to escape abuse.
  • The newly released from prison.
  • The Iraq war veteran who suffers from PTSD and the extreme anxiety it causes, who finds himself unable to stay at a shelter because of the noise and sometimes crowded conditions.
  • The individuals who find themselves displaced by new building development or building condemnation.

Mary Magdalen House serves all these people without hesitation or reservations of any manner or discrimination. Our mission is to serve the poor regardless of circumstance.