The Facility

NeuMM Showers2.JPG


There are seven private showers for men, and four private showers for women continuously available at Mary Magdalen House. There are also private toilets and vanities for grooming.

Besides the basic comfort of clean toilets, towels, wash cloths, and fresh shower facilities, Mary Magdalen House offers our guests fresh laundry services and an often needed replacement of clothing.

The laundry facilities are operated by the staff and volunteers, and are continuously running during our hours of operation. Guests may leave one set of their personal laundry to be washed and available for the next day.

Mary Magdalen House also offers our guests all the toiletries they need to shower or shave, including soap, shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, combs and deodorant. Our goal is to provide everything our guests would use if they had their own homes.

A phone is available for the use of the guests, and when requested we will take messages for anyone who needs it. Mail can also be received at MMH for our guests.

We seek to serve the whole person.  Our Case Manager, Merci Cannon, works with guests to refer them to other agencies in town who can provide help in all areas of their lives.