Most-needed items at the House

Men’s t-shirts, large, XL, 2X, and larger

Spray deodorant

Men’s belts

Men’s winter coats, XL and larger

Men’s winter gloves

Metro passes*

*Mary Magdalen House occasionally provides Metro passes to our guests in order for them to be able to keep a doctor’s appointment, get to work, or attend to an emergency. Metro passes can be purchased at the Metro office downtown in the Mercantile Center Arcade, 120 East Fourth Street.

Please read our most updated list of needed items!

The following items are in short supply at the House right now:

Men's underwear, sizes 32"-34"

Men's jeans and pants, sizes 32"-34"

Men's new or gently used gym shoes, sizes 10-14

Men's belts, sizes 30"-40"

Men's and women's shorts, any size

Men's short sleeved t-shirts sizes large, XL, 2XL, 3XL and up

Men's muscle (tank type) t-shirts sizes large, XL, 2XL, 3XL and up

Shaving cream

Small (hotel size) soap and shampoo

Body Lotion, hotel and full size

Women's pants, sizes 2, 4, 16, and larger 

Mary Magdalen House received a vehicle donation!

Mary Magdalen House received a vehicle donation!

Thank you Buz Ecker!  Buz Ecker, a hardworking volunteer at Mary Magdalen House, recently generously donated his car to us!  The proceeds of the sale will support our mission here.  We are very grateful, Buz!  You're making a real difference to our guests this winter, by your cheerful presence here, and now with this generous support.  Thank you again!  

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